We are a small dog school run by professionally trained instructors dedicated to helping you reach your training goals. We have had over 15 years combined experience in not only training our own dogs but also providing dog owners with the skills needed to teach their canine members of their family.

We are pleased to announce our new Leash Walking Workshop, for those dogs who persist on pulling on lead!


This workshop includes:

• 5 x 45 minute practical lessons

• Weekly email containing class notes, and any relevant handouts, web links or video links.

• We will supply food for training and a training pouch for your use during lessons. The treat pouch remains the property of Positive k9 Connections and must be returned at the end of each lesson. Or alternatively, orders can be placed when registering if you wish to purchase a treat pouch to keep.


Topics covered:


1. How to recognise signs of stress or discomfort (quick revision from dog-free lesson from Puppy and Good Manners Programs) and what to do about it.

2. Equipment,

3. Doorway/Gateway Manners,

4. Leash walking methods

5. Leash Manners

6. Walking with manners in the real world.


We are restricting the intake for the workshop to a maximum of 6 dog/handler teams.


Cost:  $150.00 per dog/handler team.

Where: Telarah Public School and other local venues.

When: We propose to start Saturday 5th of November 2016.

Start Time: 8:30

Our Training Methods


As with most animals, dogs learn best when positive reinforcement, force-free training techniques are used. It helps build a strong trusting human canine relationship.


There is a combination of training methods used that provides solid results. We use the lure/reward method to set your dog up for success.


We use *clicker (or marker) training to provide feedback to your dog and speed up leaning. We use shaping to assist with exercises that your dog may find more challenging by breaking the exercises into smaller components.


Food is our main reinforcer. However we do use play, praise and petting as reinforcement as well.

Positive K9 Connections

Learning Together!

Our Instructors


Kim has her certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and has had several years’ experience in the dog training business.


Janet also has her certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and has had over 9 years’ experience in dog training. She has attained open level in obedience with her own dogs.


Kim and Janet are both members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Australia and the Pet Professional Guild Australia.


Our Programs


Puppy Manners Program:

For puppies who have had their final booster (usually given around 12 to 16 weeks) up to the age of 6 months.


Good Manners Program:

For dogs over 6 months of age.


Both programs run for 6 weeks. Week 1 is dog free (theory) weeks 2-6 are practical lessons. All lessons run for 1 hour.


(Max 6 dogs per class)


Sample program content:

  • How dogs learn.
  • What are and how to use a clicker? (Marker).
  • Canine body language.
  • Basic obedience behaviours e.g. Sit, Down, Stay, Come etc.
  • Good manners.
  • Settle and stay on your mat.
  • Problem solving strategies to overcome issues
  • Loose lead walking
  • Come when called

Positive K9 Connections was born through the coming together of "Life Skills for Dogs" - ABN:92675202085 and "Pawsitive Dog Skills" - ABN:76735165384

Positive K9 Connections

Learning Together!